Welcome to the Suffolk School of Samba

We perform music and dance inspired by Brazil, Cuba, Africa and our home town of Ipswich.

We are proud to be the original samba group in the region, getting started in 1994. We’ve taught and performed to thousands of people at hundreds of events.

Thank you for joining us at events during 2022, we look forward to seeing you later on in the year and in 2023.............



On behalf of Suffolk School of Samba, it is my privilege & honour to pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, following her sad but peaceful death yesterday at her beloved Balmoral surrounded by her family,Her Majesty reigned over the UK & the Commonwealth for 70 years carrying out her duties with dignity & decorum. Although she was a wonderful tenacious ambassador in all her official duties around the world. Her Majesty also had a wicked sense of humour & a love of bright & stylish clothing,
(as a mark of respect, an example of the Queen pictured in our samba colours, plus the eerie appearance of a double rainbow over Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle, at the time of the announcement.)

   We sadly never got to perform for the Queen directly, although we did take part in both her Diamond & Platinum Jubilee's, we did have the pleasure of performing several times in the grounds of a distant cousin. Baron Tollimache of Helmingham Hall where some of the Royals have stayed over the years.Whether or not you are a Royalist, you have to admire her tenacity & endurance be it in her stately duties or personal matters, the Queen made a pledge at her Coronation to serve her people & never once waived from that promise. RIP Your Majesty. God save the King.

John Last, Director, Suffolk School of Samba


We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all soon.


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