We are proud to be the original samba group in the region, started in 1994 with the dancers joining us in 1998.  We've taught and performed to thousands of people at hundreds of events.

We're a group of non-professional musicians and dancers, from across East Anglia.  We love playing music and dancing but importantly we love having fun and making people smile.

We call ourselves a samba school after the large samba groups in Brazil.  These groups often have thousands of members, and spend all year working towards a carnival where they compete against other schools in the area.

The Suffolk School of Samba band specialises in the performance of Afro Brazilian percussion and dance, bringing a carnival atmosphere to any event, with Brazilian samba rhythms of Batucada, Afoxe, Maracatu and Samba Reggae. Along with a bit of Cuban Conga, Rhumba and Salsa.  Throw into the mix rhythms from Funk, Hip-hop and Jungle, and you end up with a wonderful eclectic sound.

The Suffolk School of Samba dancers add that visual carnival feel to the energetic sounds of the band, performing set choreographic routines, fusing Reggae, Afoxe, Hip-hop and Africa based movement styles.  Brazilian samba dancing is fun, energetic.
We're not that big, and we're more likely to perform in Brandeston than Brazil - but we do have lots of members and work towards small and large performances, including carnivals, each year.

Like the groups in Brazil, most of our members aren't professional performances.  They're people who fancy having a bit of fun and making some great friends and often haven't danced or drummed before.

Come feel the beat, watch the movement and enjoy the carnival...............

You can find details of our gigs on the 'Gigs List' or for details of how to join us please go to the 'Contact Us' link